Smart Tips and Tricks to Create More Cash From Your website and Blog

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Smart Tips and Tricks to Create More Cash From Your website and Blog. If you obtaining traffic to your website and blog, However still troubled to create passive Income?

Blogging could be a nice career choice however on condition that you’re doing it the correct manner. Of course, everything starts with providing nice content to your readers and steadily growing your traffic. Once you have got tight traffic to your web log and a loyal audience, it’s time to concentrate on the revenue.

You may have detected tons of individuals say that your web log revenue is directly proportional to the traffic coming back in, however that’s not extremely true. It’s all concerning corporal punishment the money-making ideas in the correct manner.

Six promoting tips to create more cash from your blog:

1. Place your ads higher

Placing ads on your web site isn’t enough, you have got to position ads wherever your readers are more doubtless to click on them.

Before inserting a billboard, raise yourself why the readers square measure here and wherever precisely you ought to place the ads so they don’t hamper the user experience and however, square measure starkly visible.

Here square measure some concepts for ad placement for an improved click-through-rate:

  1. Sidebar banner
  2. Above a web log post title
  3. Right below the post title
  4. Between completely different sections of your post
  5. At the top of your post, on top of the author bio

But, of course, each web site is completely different, which is why I suggest checking your website’s heat map that may tell you wherever precisely your users tend to click additional, which is wherever you should place the bulk of your ads.

I conjointly suggest checking Google’s ad placement policies at regular intervals therefore you’ll be able to continue high of any changes. Also, it’s in Google’s best interests to create certain the user expertise isn’t affected, therefore you won’t need to worry concerning bothering your readers either if you follow their pointers.

Here is a picture that depicts the most effective places to place ads, the darker the orange the higher the placement;

Image Source: Shout ME Loud

2. transcend AdSense

Yes, Google AdSense generates the foremost intuitive ads for your readers, since Google already is aware of what the readers are looking out and surfriding. But, with a minimum payout threshold of $100 and a tough approval method, it doesn’t hurt to seem at another choices yet.

Here some ad platforms you ought to positively contemplate (all of them work aboard AdSense):


With in-text and in-frame ads, Infolinks will legitimatise your web log during a utterly completely different manner. obtaining approval on Infolinks is very straightforward and there’s a minimum payout of $50 through PayPal.


This is one among the premier ad platforms that gets you direct advertisements from purchasers and takes a twenty fifth commission charge. With a minimum payout of $20, the sole draw back to BuySellAds is that it’s not that straightforward to induce approved.


What Viglink will is, it monetizes your outward-bound links. It turns your standard links into affiliate links, therefore once a reader clicks on your link and buys one thing, you get a commission through it. This brings the facility of affiliate promoting to natural link building.

3. Explore native languages

With numerous languages within the world, why must you solely concentrate on English? Google AdSense currently supports over thirty five languages, and this offers you no reason to ignore native languages.

While English may be one among the foremost widespread languages on the web, there’s associate array of readers trying to find blogs in their regional languages and you’ll be able to be the primary few to take advantage of that market.

I launched my blog’s Hindi version, ShoutMeHindi, back in June 2015 and I’ve been obtaining nice feedback ever since.

You don’t have to compelled to create it solely in your native language – you’ll be able to combine and match English terms, as individuals tend to be conversant in the digital promoting word in English.

4. Collaborate with brands for sponsored posts and reviews

This is the fastest thanks to earn some smart money, however at a similar time, you have got to be terribly cautious concerning it.

Sponsored posts are wherever you observe a product normally, otherwise you try and incorporate one thing related to the merchandise naturally into your content. Sponsored reviews are once the corporate pays you to jot down reviews concerning their product.

Sponsored posts ought to solely be done once you will observe product or brands that your readers would have an interest in. I don’t have to compelled to tell you that once you try blatant advertising, readers’ trust evaporates.

Now, sponsored reviews square measure a really sensitive ground. you would possibly be obtaining paid by the corporate, however you don’t need to utterly sell the merchandise. It’s vital to be unbiased and write your honest thoughts concerning the product.

Test the merchandise extensively, then list down all the execs and cons. make certain to let the corporate understand beforehand that you just would be writing associate honest review.

To connect with brands, {you will|you’ll|you’ll be able to} produce a media kit explaining what advertisers can expect from sponsored posts and reviews and the way abundant you’d be charging them.

Suggested networks;

  • Famebit (Popular among Youtubers however not restricted to it)
  • Tapinfluence
  • Blogmint (Popular complete to induce sponsored posts for blogs & social media channels.)

5. Implement affiliate programs

Affiliate promoting, during a shell, is wherever you refer your readers a product and once they die through your recommendation, you get a commission out of it.

Our terribly own Jeff delineate affiliate promoting together of the highest ways that to make money by blogging in 2016. each affiliate program includes a completely different commission rate and minimum payout. however the rationale why it’s therefore widespread among bloggers is as a result of you merely need to set it up once and you’ll be able to get paid from all of your posts, whether or not they square measure previous or new.

Even the traffic doesn’t matter such a lot, as a result of it all depends upon the readers shopping for product through your recommendation.

There square measure many various forms of affiliate programs offered, and you’ll be able to choose those that relate the foremost to your web log niche.

6. Write a formidable Ebook

One of the most effective ways that to induce revenue from your web log is by developing premium content for your readers. making ebooks square measure low-cost, and that they conjointly create you a niche professional, which might drive in additional business later.

You can conjointly build up your subscriber list with associate ebook by providing the book – or the primary few chapters, betting on your inclination and therefore the value of the data – freed from charge for each subscriber.

But, there’s a burning question plaguing each web logger WHO creates associate ebook – must you sell it on your blog or Amazon?

Well, the solution isn’t as straightforward as you’d need it to be. to create the correct call, you ought to positively examine this post by Jeff.

Your turn

Now that you just have some superb tips for a way to make more cash from your web log, it’s your intercommunicate implement them. bear in mind that what won’t work for a few, would possibly work for you. you wish to wait, monitor your analytics and keep a track of all the revenue being generated by each technique.

What square measure the techniques you presently use to extend web log revenue? Please share within the comments.

Guest Author: Harsh Agrawal, a web log human and business executive of ShoutDreams Media, started blogging in 2008 and since then has written various posts on Blogging, SEO, Social media, Technology, Affiliate promoting and additional. He has conjointly partnered with varied international firms, serving to them promote their on-line businesses. His blog ShoutMeLoud has over 832K subscribers and receives one million Pageviews per month.

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